“Your keys to freedom are in the implementation of the simple strategies in this book! I used to run to the bathroom between classes -- not anymore!”
—Haydee Licari, teacher, cured patient, San Pedro, California
“What a refreshing experience to have a problem solved that doctors said was unsolvable...without possible surgery. The Bathroom Key provides natural, healthy methods to eliminate the need to frantically try to find "the key" before it's embarrassingly too late. Kathryn Kassai, PT and Kim Perelli's Book unlocks "the door". Thank You for helping me get my problem under control!!"
Colleen Flynn, Director of Public Relations, healed patient, Torrance, California
“I always thought that incontinence only happened to those who were inactive and out of shape. I go to the gym 3 days a week, do cardio, weights, and yoga… yet I couldn’t believe I had incontinence. After about 6 weeks of practicing all the exercises as directed, I was amazed and relieved to be free of that dreaded syndrome -- and the vaginal weight system I bought really worked, too. I have been telling my friends that this program is more than just Kegel exercises. Now I can tell them it’s in a book! It’s about time!”
—Bobbi Newman,
active woman, cured patient, Hermosa Beach, California