Physical therapy is accepted mainstream medicine, and most health insurance plans cover it. Orthopedic clinics constitute the majority of private clinics in every neighborhood, but there are some who specialize in Women’s Health.  To find a specialist in your area, simply call  your local clinics and ask if they have a “physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation or in the treatment of incontinence”.  If they don’t have this specialty, they will most likely know where to refer you.  The following websites may help as well.

Praxis Physical Therapy: This is author Kathryn Kassai’s website for her physical therapy clinic in San Pedro, California, 90732.  Check it for educational materials about urinary and fecal incontinence, Pilates, and other programs.  If you live within driving distance, Praxis Physical Therapy welcomes you.


American Physical Therapy Association   To find a physical therapist in your area who specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation, go to the APTA website.  By simply typing in your zip code, a local Women’s Health physical Therapist’s name will appear, along with her specific areas of expertise


Pelvic Rehab Institute:   The Pelvic Rehab Institute provides expert training courses to physical therapists in pelvic floor/pelvic girdle dysfunction.  The Institute was founded by Holly Herman, DPT and Kathe Wallace, PT and offers courses throughout the year on a variety of topics in this field.  The Institute maintains a “Practitioner Directory” of specializing physical therapists who have trained with them (including co-author Kathryn Kassai, PT).


The National Association for ContinenceThis database lists physical therapists and by entering your zip code, a nearby physical therapist may be listed.