STEP ONE:  Find out what type of incontinence you have.  Answer these  6 easy questions. 


Do you see the little numbers next to each answer?  Simply add them together and write the total at the bottom of the form.  A person with the worst possible case of urinary incontinence will receive a score of 35.  The milder the symptoms, the lower the score will be.

STEP THREE:   Buy a copy of THE BATHROOM KEY book  

Do you see the italicized words next to your answers?
Read the chapters listed below very thoroughly, if you self-assessed yourself to have:

Stress Urinary Incontinence:        Read Chapters 2 and 3
Urge Urinary Incontinence:          Read Chapters 4 and 5
Mixed Urinary Incontinence:        Read Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5
Frequency:                                          Read Chapters 4 and 5
Nocturia:                                              Read Chapters 4 and 5

STEP FOUR:   Use your self-assessment to open the discussion with your doctor.

Take your KASSAI SELF-ASSESSMENT QUIZ  and THE BATHROOM KEY  book to your next doctor’s visit.  This can be your family practice physician, your gynecologist, your obstetrician, or a urologist.  Showing your doctor your self-assessment will offer a quick snapshot of the severity of your problem, so that an appropriate treatment plan can be devised.  Discuss being referred to a physical therapist if you want personalized one-on-one care.  (Chapter 10)