Would you cure your incontinence, if you could do it over the phone? Readers asked for this! Receive expert and personalized advice without leaving the privacy of your home—a unique alternative to in-office physical therapy, but with the same dramatic results. Through WEEKLY phone (or Skype) sessions, Kathryn Kassai, PT will evalutate and guide you through your own individualized home program. End your embarrassing incontinence (and other pelvic-floor problems) for good, like thousands of other men and women Kathryn has cured over the past 20 years. Her one-on-one care will get you pad-free, as your bladder stops controlling your life. YOU should be in charge of your own bladder, not the other way around! This program is the easy, non-invasive solution that works for all men and women—without expensive medications, pads, or surgery.  Incontinence usually gets worse over time, and you deserve step-by-step private coaching.

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  • without the humiliation and constant threat of accidental urine leakage.
  • avoiding the cost and discomfort of protective pads.
  • with fewer embarrassing dashes to the bathroom (instead of the normal 7 times a day).
  • being able to make those inopportune urges disappear—without using the bathroom.
  • sleeping THROUGH the night—causing daytime grogginess to vanish.
  • eliminating that ‘falling-out’ feeling.
  • without the pain of recurrent UTIs or the discomfort of constipation.
  • when you start living your life to the fullest!


“Like having your own pelvic floor PT”   Very helpful. The program is clear and well described and this problem is all too common. Most physicians don’t address it, or they just describe the basic kegel. This book and program is like having pelvic floor PT in the privacy of your house. —R.I.  ★★★★★

“I am a new woman”    I had resigned myself to wet pants for over two decades. Recently, I even hiked for two hours without a drip. I am so happy that such control is in sight for me. Thank you for this instruction and guidance to free me from a prison of incontinence.

“This will answer your questions and save a trip to the doctor”    This had all the answers for me. If you’re having problems with incontinence and don’t know why, I believe it’ll help you answer your questions and give you ways to alleviate the problem without drugs, which was very important for me. —D.R.  ★★★★★

“A life changer”   The combination of kegels plus the conviction that YOU CAN make your bladder behave, can stop urinary incontinence. I saw results within a few days. Life changed from “bathroom mapping” and “key in the lock” syndrome to basically normal again.  Interrupted sleep and the irritability, dementia, and depression associated with incontinence-related sleep loss make so many women withdraw from previously enjoyed activities. Kudos and thanks.  —Anne ★★★★★

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• Praxis Physical Therapy: This is author Kathryn Kassai’s website for her physical therapy clinic in San Pedro, California, 90732.  Check it for educational materials about urinary and fecal incontinence, Pilates, and other programs.  If you live within driving distance, Praxis Physical Therapy welcomes you.